Joe Gorup

Do not buy, install or set expectations based on the features of a given technology. One should focus on the business processes first, then apply the software to specifically meet or enhance these processes. Technology can almost do anything. The question is not what it could do; the question is what it should do.

David R. Laube and Raymond F. Zammuto

In the past, CRM has followed a basic balanced scorecard technique involving four categories: customer, financial, operations, and people. From an inside-out perspective, organizations first analyzed the needs and capabilities of operations and their people to determine what could be delivered to the customer. From that, they drew conclusions and predictions to determine the impact on the financial category. As this has changed, so have … [ Read more ]

John Baldoni

One of the most powerful words in the English language is why. When asked as an interrogatory, why has the power to change assumptions, preconceptions and mindsets. It has the power to initiate change as well as the power to affirm the right course. It is a word that should be used frequently but with great care. When used the proper way, it can be … [ Read more ]

The Conundrum over Compliance with Global Privacy Laws

Privacy law compliance is hard enough stateside. But when you’re a global corporation trying to comply with a multitude of nations’ laws, you’ve got a real headache.

Beyond the Limits of Leadership

Unlike the corporate sector, the military does not assume that leadership is inherent. It is something that is taught and then expected to be put into practice. Leadership comes coupled with a sense of responsibility, from ordering supplies to sending troops into combat. Maybe the business world should pay attention.

Col. George Reed

Imagine the organization that has been given a Herculean task with insufficient resources to accomplish it. We’ll run good leaders into the ground if we try to train and lead our way out of that situation.

If You Want to Reach Consumers, Think Privacy and Trust

Customers’ trust in an organization results in their being more receptive to advertising and marketing messages and, as a result, more interested in purchasing products and services. Finally there’s proof.

A Feel for Leadership

If you are in tune with your emotions during the important passages in your life, you’ll be more a consistently more effective leader.

Going Global

Taking your good brand international? Here are five keys to marketing success.

Oscar Wilde

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

Jonathan Zittrain

As Eben Moglen once said: “Society has been vastly underproducing pyramids since the time of the Pharaohs.” The economic and social system that made pyramid production sensible simply doesn’t exist anymore, and no one seems to miss it, even if we’re a few pyramids short of where we’d like to be.

Jonathan Zittrain

We hew to laws against stealing because there is already cultural consensus that stealing is wrong, rooted in the fact that the thief deprives the good citizen of the stolen property. To copy an idea does no such thing; wrote Jefferson, “he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.” It does indeed deprive the original author of the ability to monopolize … [ Read more ]

Are You Practicing Safe Outsourcing?

Some best practices and a cautionary case study.

Licensing Intellectual Property

It pays to keep your revenue stream — and your eyes — open.

Wrestling Value from All that Data

If you think that Web services is something for the IT guys to riddle over, think again. In concert with data integration software, Web services is poised to deliver dividends of enormous value to the business professional – accurate, timely and complete information on demand.

In this first of two articles, we’ll take a look at the business value that organizations can derive from data … [ Read more ]

Practice Safe Outsourcing

Not all vendor contracts are dependable. It’s up to you to make sure they are.

You Bought It. Now You Want to Get Rid of It

Welcome to the boulevard of broken PC dreams – where
de-acquisition is a slippery art.