The Human Capital Management Value Map: Deloitte Demonstrates That HR Can Be Strategic

For several years, human resources executives have chanted the mantra that HR is strategic. But what does this really mean? How do you know it, and, even more importantly, how do you measure it? The answers to these questions have been difficult to attain and are mostly subjective and qualitative. However, Deloitte has parlayed its Enterprise Value Map into its new Human Capital Management Value … [ Read more ]

Selling to Word-Of-Mouth-Driven Customers

Word-of-mouth-driven consumers – consumers who both listen to and spread purchase-related word of mouth – present a challenge to marketers. These online consumers don’t earn much, but they spend more than other online consumers, making them an attractive target for marketers. They feel strongly about how they shop, but their attitudes toward loyalty, pricing, and advertising are contradictory. How do marketers harness these word-of-mouth-driven consumers? … [ Read more ]

Organizing for Customer-Centric Marketing

Marketing communications is shifting away from mass media toward an approach informed by deep audience knowledge. This places database marketing groups — and the customer insight they have amassed — into the organizational spotlight. But many of these groups play a service-focused role that hampers customer -centric communication. To help firms map out a vision, road map, and skills portfolio for customer-centric direct-to-consumer marketing, Forrester … [ Read more ]

Nicholas G. Carr

Industries are shaped, Michael Porter argued, by five forces of competition: industry rivals, potential new rivals, substitute products, suppliers, and buyers. The time has come to add a sixth force to the famous strategy-making framework: the public interest.

…As Porter showed, companies compete for profits with their customers and their suppliers, but that doesn’t mean that they view those groups as adversaries. Rather, it means … [ Read more ]

Identifying The Emotive Consumer: How Marketers Can Find Out What Drives Loyal Customers

Consumer goods firms and retailers collect enormous amounts of data on consumers, but are not able to use it to drive symbiotic loyalty. To become effective, firms should divide consumer data into three levels – collective, individual, and emotive. Each level requires a different data collection method, with an increased individual consumer engagement. Marketers can only reach the highest CRM level – emotive – after … [ Read more ]