To avoid hiring bias, orgs need cybervetting rules

Organizations need to develop and implement clearly defined rules regarding how they use online information about job candidates, a new paper on cybervetting says.

What 124 Sets of Twins Teach Us About Negotiation

Individuality matters in negotiation, research conducted at an annual national twins festival suggests.

Historically, negotiators have been seen as economically rational individuals acting in ways meant simply to maximize their outcomes, but the new research challenges this view.

“No matter how good you are at negotiating, there are some opponents you will have an easy time with and some with you you’ll have a lousy time.”

Optimist with MBA Lands the Job

MBA graduates with an overall optimistic outlook spend less time and effort searching for jobs and receive offers more quickly, research shows

Insiders make best CEOs

A new study says that hiring a CEO from within is better in the long term. “Inside CEOs, because of their deep knowledge and root in the firm, are more likely to initiate and implement strategic changes that can build the firm’s long-term competitive advantage,” says Anthea Zhang.