Building Value by Measuring the Immeasurable

In this series Baruch Lev, of NYU’s Stern School of Business, alerts us to potentially hidden sources of value in our organizations – the intangibles. As the value of these assets become an increasingly important component of total value, management must understand how to not only maximize their value, but also how to communicate it to capital markets.

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Valuation: The Elusive Bulls-eye

Valuation advisor Phil McGuigan, of Gordon & Glickson, discusses how to determine a valuation of an early-stage company seeking investors. In sharing examples, he highlights the recipe for investment and the necessary ingredients, such as a management team and a business plan.

Josh Schneider

midwest entrepreneur – founder of Epigraph Entertainment,,, AIS.Net

Maximizing Alliances

Maximizing Alliances is based on the book Alliance Competence by Robert Spekman of The Darden School at the University of Virginia. He believes that it takes a certain competence to be successful in alliances. He describes what alliances are, why they form, why they are important, characteristics of alliances, and more.

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Powerful Patterns Shaping eBusiness

Professor Mohan Sawhney describes the implications of three eBusiness patterns on investment decisions and new business models. Three major topics discussed include: Wave Theory, The Myth of Substitution, and Migration of Intelligence.