Overcoming the Obstacles to CEO Succession Planning

To avoid politics that lurk in the shadows, get the issues out in the open with a disciplined succession process.

Mark Nadler

Any genuine shift in strategy implies a change in emphasis; it might involve different customers or markets, new technologies or business processes, unfamiliar leadership styles or management techniques. This requires that leaders learn new skills and master new approaches—a big challenge in itself. Even more problematic, a new strategy undermines the organization’s political profile in very tangible ways. It alters priorities, resource allocations, and reporting … [ Read more ]

Busting the Myths About Emerging Markets

False assumptions can trip up foreign expansion plans.

Designing CEO and COO Roles

Where both CEO and COO roles are employed, an effective working relationship between the two executives is increasingly critical to successful governance. This paper describes design options for structuring this CEO-COO working relationship. We begin with a taxonomy of corporate leadership roles and related behaviors that together define the collective executive team leadership responsibilities of the CEO and COO. We then present some alternative models … [ Read more ]

Teamwork at the Top: Designing and Leading Effective Executive Teams

Today’s CEOs are increasingly relying on executive teams, which raises some important questions: How do you transform a collection of individuals into a highly functioning team? What makes an executive team so different from the countless other teams that populate every organization? What kinds of work should the team concentrate on? And what role should the CEO play, as both team leader and participant? Executive … [ Read more ]

The Upside of Strategic Risk

How Coach learned to know, not guess, what customers want.

Unlocking the Value of a Technology Portfolio

General managers in charge of new product launches may face a number of vexing questions: Why were we beaten in the market by competitors with inferior technology? Why are our newly commercialized technologies producing weaker than expected financial results? Why do our technology successes seem increasingly fleeting?

The classic dynamic at work here is the failure to jointly design the product and the business. Successful businesses … [ Read more ]