GRE Acceptance By B-Schools Hits Record High

Business schools that now accept the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT has reached an all-time high percentage, according to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2016 business school admissions officer survey. Some 92% of the schools now accept GRE scores, a huge jump from Kaplan’s 2009 survey — the first year Kaplan asked the question — when only 24% of business schools took GRE scores. But … [ Read more ]

One In Four GMAT Test Takers Now Cancel Scores

More than one in four people who took the GMAT exam this year cancelled their scores after learning the results, preventing business schools from ever seeing the scores. That’s a massive increase in the number of test takers who pay to take the test and then immediately discard it.

Have You Chosen the Wrong Business School Recommender?

Asking for a recommendation is stressful. You are making yourself vulnerable and possibly learning what people really think of you. The news isn’t always good, but it’s crucial to pay attention to what your potential business school recommender is actually telegraphing. Here are signs that you have chosen the wrong business school recommender, and should ask someone else.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

A regular series by Poets & Quants where prospective MBA candidate profiles are analyzed by admissions expert Sandy Kreisberg for their strengths and weaknesses and likelihood of getting into certain target programs.

Editor’s Note: I watched the video for one of the installments and it was really awful, enough so, honestly, to make me doubt anything Sandy Kreisberg actually says. Still, I will just assume … [ Read more ]

What To Tell Your MBA Recommenders

A friend of mine who graduated from Tuck a few years ago is now writing a business school recommendation for one of his associates. He asked me how to really convey his genuine support for the candidate, which is an excellent question. Here are my suggestions, which may help you figure out what to tell your MBA recommenders.

Has The Online MBA Finally Come Of Age?

Demand for online MBA programs continues to grow, so why do so few of the world’s leading business schools offer an online MBA?

A Global Management Program Made Of MOOCs

Ankit Khandelwal has cobbled together an education in global management for free. For more than two years, from May 2012 to June 2014, the native of the northern Indian state of Rajasthan slogged his way through some 50 online courses, ranging from An Introduction to Operations Management by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to Global Strategy and Organization by MIT’s OpenCourseWare. He’s also completed … [ Read more ]

Columbia B-school’s Glenn Hubbard: Is an MBA worth it?

Hubbard discusses the anxiety in MBA programs, Columbia’s MBA application plunge, and why alum Warren Buffett has not donated.

A Job Source for the Wandering MBA

Daniel Mullaney’s MBA Project Search offers B-school grads a glimpse into the freelance and consulting worlds outside the confines of their school’s career services office.

Harvard’s unofficial guide to the MBA interview

As business schools begin to invite candidates for admissions interviews, HBS’s newspaper has published its unofficial guide to the process. What questions should you expect?

The Four Curriculums of a Great MBA

Senior lecturer Scott Snook has tracked 50 MBA students at Harvard Business School from the moment they received their offer letter to the time they graduated two years later. “It is probably the most exhaustive study ever done at Harvard Business School on what is the true experience of students,” says Dean Nitin Nohria. “Scott explored a basic question: We promise to deliver a transformational … [ Read more ]

Can a dog still earn an MBA?

Rochville University was made famous for granting an online MBA to a dog named Chester two years ago. Has the institution cleaned up its act?

Best B-School Alumni Networks

One of the most valuable assets of a top-ranked business school is its alumni network. It’s a major consideration by applicants in choosing an MBA program, and it’s a significant sign of a school’s true brand strength in the marketplace.

But it’s also something that is hard to measure. There is no available metric that will let you know how often the alumni network at a … [ Read more ]

Meet the MBA road warriors

Would you travel over 14,000 miles every other weekend for an MBA? These hardy souls do it and don’t have too many qualms about the payback either.

MBA hopefuls: Need to scrub your social media profile?

MBA candidates who have less than stellar web histories or happen to share a name with a convicted murderer should know that admissions teams are watching, and searching. There’s hope, though.

How to care for and feed your MBA student

Relationships do survive business school, but it’s important that you know what you and your partner are signing up for if you want to be one of the triumphant ones.

Poets&Quants’ Top 100 MBA Programs in the U.S.

Methodology: Schools on each of the five major rankings were scored from a high of 100 to a low of 1, the numerical rank of the 100th school on any one list. Then, those sums were brought together, weighting the BusinessWeek ranking 30%, the Forbes ranking 25%, the U.S. News & World Report rankings 20%, the Financial Times rankings 15%, and The Economist ranking 10%. … [ Read more ]

Poets&Quants Top 50 MBA Programs Outside the U.S.

This new P&Q list is a composite of four major MBA rankings published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, The Financial Times, and Forbes. The ranking takes into account a massive wealth of quantitative and qualitative data captured in the five major lists, from surveys of corporate recruiters, MBA graduates, deans and faculty publication records to median GPA and GMAT scores of entering students as well … [ Read more ]

Turning the Tables: Ranking the MBA Rankings

How is it possible that the five major rankings of business schools all have different winners at the top? How can they rank a single school, such as UCLA, so differently? Chalk it up to the differing ways each publication cranks out its list of the best. The different methodologies employed for these rankings have as much if not more to do with where … [ Read more ]

The Daily Show for MBAs

A pair of MBA students at MIT have set their satirical gun sights on the business school world and MBAs with a web show that’s steadily developing a cult following.