Simplifying Cybersecurity

Have our institutions become too complex to secure?

The Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook

A business guide for entrepreneurs. Contents include:
– Entrepreneurship
– A Sensible Approach to Writing a Good Business Plan
– Raising Venture Capital
– Accounting Policies and Procedures for Early Stage Companies
– Legal Issues for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
– Managing Explosive Growth in Technology Companies
– Choosing an Exit Strategy

Editor’s Note: some info is basic, some is quite thorough; the accounting info … [ Read more ]

You’ve Acquired the Company – You Don’t Own the People

This articles lists a wide range of questions – focused on people issues – that must be answered to plan an effective integration.

Steve Rimmer, Barbara Kraft and Charles Wheeler, with Joy Gramolini

Values, by definition, are virtuous, noble benchmarks for behavior. You would be hard pressed to find two groups that disagreed with each other’s value statements. True cultural integration, however, requires a focus on both organizations’ actual behaviors-not on rhetoric surrounding their conceptual values.

Valuation of Intellectual Property

How much is the Coca-Cola brand or trademark worth? $50 billion? $ 100 billion? In August 2003, in an article in BusinessWeek, Interbrand included it in their table of “The 100 Top Brands” at a value of $70.45 billion. How would you check whether you agreed with their assessment?

In this article, Caroline Woodward-of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Valuation & Strategy practice-offers some interesting answers to these, and other … [ Read more ]

What Can M&A Process Do for You? Ask the CEO Who Stole Your Deal!

The failure of most mergers and acquisitions to deliver their cost of capital has been well documented and quantified. What hasn’t been discussed as openly is the cost of the deals that got away–often because potential suitors do not have the right valuation procedures in place.

Robert Herz

co-author (with Robert Eccles, Mary Keegan and David Phillips) of The ValueReporting Revolution: Moving Beyond the Earnings Game.

European Business Forum (EBF)

This site, an online companion to their print magazine, is a joint initiative of PriceWaterhouseCoopers & Community of European Management Schools. It bills itself as “Europe’s perspective on global management issues.”