Sustainability Nears a Tipping Point

Companies are incorporating sustainability into management agendas more than ever before, according to the results of a Sustainability & Innovation study conducted by BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review. And while not all organizations have found ways to profit from these efforts, those that have share some interesting characteristics.

How to Manage Virtual Teams

Dispersed teams can actually outperform groups that are co-located. To succeed, however, virtual collaboration must be managed in specific ways.

Henry W. Chesbrough

In essence, a business model performs two important functions: It creates value and it captures a portion of that value. The first function requires defining a series of activities (from raw materials through to the final customer) that will yield a new product or service, with value being added throughout the various activities. The second function requires the establishing of a unique resource, asset or … [ Read more ]

How To Build Collaborative Advantage

As the traditional advantages of scale and scope begin to lose their potency, the familiar concept of internal collaboration represents a powerful new source of competitive advantage for multinational companies.

Finding Sustainable Profits in E-Commerce

The author argues that to sustain a competitive advantage, Web retailers must align their strategies with the product characteristics and buying practices of customers in their market segment. He divides the dot-com retail market into four segments on the basis of the type of good sold and describes the strategies needed to succeed in each.