The Only Email Marketing Checklist You Need

While your mind is racing with ideas for nurture campaigns, lead generation and follow-up emails, consider the essential elements that should be included in every email before you jump into your automated email marketing tool.

As part of our internal proofing and QA process, we use this checklist to ensure best practices are in place.

The 2 Best Tools for Building an Engaged Workforce

During the early years of the industrial revolution, the formula for driving worker productivity appeared to be so much easier: give them more money and they’ll work longer and harder. That philosophy seemed to be supported by behavioral economists, who discovered the concept of “market-driven norms,” which influences the perception that a person has of their own worth in the marketplace. Many decades hence, that … [ Read more ]

A Former FBI Agent Shares 8 Qualities of Resilient People

As business leaders and entrepreneurs, you know that success requires the resilience to keep moving ahead even when confronted with obstacles and roadblocks. You have a willingness to swim upstream and not give up simply because the tide is against you. Resilient people are successful because they possess these 8 qualities.

Stephanie Scotti

Here’s a little-known tip about asking someone a question. Always say their name first before asking the question. As in, “Lisa, could you describe your process as it is now?” This tactic avoids catching someone off-guard if the person wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hear the question. Everyone snaps to attention when they hear their name.

What Incoming Leaders Should Know About Employee Personalities

While personality differences between leaders are to be expected, a major shift can create difficulty in adjustment for everyone involved.

Picking Up the Pace: The Intersection of Strategy and Agility

Organizations are concerned with their ability to sift through and respond to new opportunities and threats in a timely manner. This is where the concept of organizational agility comes into play. This post, the first in a series, was adapted from APQC’s “Strategic Planning and Implementation Best Practices for Achieving Organizational Agility” best practices report.