Why The Best Service is No Service: My Conversation with Bill Price

Guy Kawasaki interviews Bill Price, co-author with David Jaffe of a new book, The Best Service Is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs. In this interview he reveals the concept of “Best Service” and why it is important to small business owners.

Thinking and Communicating with Pictures

Dan Roam is an expert in helping people think and communicate with pictures. His theory is that anyone with a pen and a piece of paper (for example, a napkin) can explain even the most complex business ideas as well as communicate better with customers, vendors, and employees. Here he is interviewed by Guy Kawasaki.

Dan Roam

If we…create pictures [by] breaking down any problem and its corresponding picture into distinct “who,” “what,” “how much,” “where,” and “when” elements, we can convey the “how” and “why” to anyone in a way they will understand.

Roger von Oech

My mantra is “Look for the Second Right Answer.” This has been my guiding principle for over thirty years. Much of our educational system tries to teach us to look for the “one right answer.”

I find that looking for the second right answer is an incredibly easy way to open my mind. For example, when I’m looking for information, this mantra tells me to go … [ Read more ]

Roger von Oech

Don’t fall in love with ideas. By ideas I mean: systems, marketing approaches, technologies, partnerships, whatever. Because as soon as you as you fall in love with one approach, you lose sight of other possibilities. …Every right idea eventually becomes the wrong idea.