This Might Help Explain Why Corporate Boards Are Still an Old Boy’s Club

Companies with the highest percentage of female directors have been shown to outperform on return on equity, return on sales and return on invested capital. They pay less to gobble up other firms. They have lower stock price volatility. And those with more women at the top have even been shown to have fewer governance controversies, such as bribery and fraud. Yet according to a … [ Read more ]

Deepak Malhotra

I don’t know of anybody who has been extremely successful when they’ve taken on something much bigger than they’re used to without a good dose of humility. Humility is what forces you to be prepared. Humility is what forces you to say “I don’t know everything” or “I don’t fully understand all these people, so I’m going to have to listen rather than just tell … [ Read more ]

This Big Change Was Supposed to Make Performance Reviews Better. Could It Be Making Them Worse?

There’s a revolution going on in corporate human resources departments, and the much-hated annual performance review is in the cross-fire. Over the past few years, a fast-growing number of high-profile companies have been blowing up this annual rite of corporate life, replacing the traditional yearly review with something more frequent, less formal and, they hope — less reviled. But as the uprising gains steam, a … [ Read more ]

Venture Capital’s Transparency Trouble

There is a new and growing challenge to the closeted culture of venture capital. Recent court rulings have forced public institutions that invest in venture capital funds to disclose information about the funds through the Freedom of Information Act. Public investors, such as state pension funds, need to turn over the information, while private groups such as family endowments do not.

Guiding Nonprofits Into the 21st Century

Even while the economy falters, there are still people who are proving that access to information technology can make a real difference. So-called “circuit riders,” for example, are high-tech advisors to nonprofits that travel from one organization to another, managing their technology needs. “I believe in technology as a strategic instrument for helping nonprofits develop themselves,” says circuit rider Asma Ramadan of Technology Works for … [ Read more ]

Wired Economy: Telecommunications (Washington Post Special Report)

The Washington Post devotes a section to the struggling Telecom sector. Stories touch on the investments in the sector — and their dubious payoffs. The lead story of the section, “A Hot Sector Burns Out”, sets the stage for a discussion of the current shakeout in the industry and Wall Street’s investments both past, present and future in the growth of telecom. Other stories touch … [ Read more ]

The Business Glossary

Think Head & Shoulders is a shampoo? Does in-the-money bring to mind a song rather than a put option with a higher strike price? Then you’re in the right place — The Business Glossary.

Here, you will find more than 1,250 business terms, organized and cross-referenced for your convenience. To the left, you can search the glossary for a particular word, or search the … [ Read more ]