The Lies We Tell During Job Interviews

Interviewers and candidates often end up in situations where they’re almost encouraged to lie—here’s what research says about how, why and how often it happens.

The Smartest Ways to Network at a Party

Reading a room is a skill that can be learned; a guide to nonverbal cues like how people stand or hold their hands.

Cesare R. Mainardi

Henry Ford invented the high-volume auto business when he saw how cattle moved from butcher to butcher in a slaughterhouse, learned that black paint dries the fastest, read about employee profit sharing from John Stuart Mills, and adopted the Singer Sewing Co.’s dealer franchise model. Look across industries, history, the world, and even non-business domains to spark a creative combination.

Can Globalization Be Taught in B-School?

As companies seek individuals who can work anywhere in the world, plenty of U.S. business schools claim they’re “going global,” adding weeklong jaunts to China, Korea or Brazil and increasing the share of international students in their classes.

But that’s not enough to train tomorrow’s leaders, argues Pankaj Ghemawat, a professor of global strategy at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Extra Help for Foreign M.B.A.s

U.S. business schools have spent years courting international students. Now that they’ve arrived—more than a third of M.B.A. students at many top schools hail from overseas—the institutions are struggling to keep up with their diverse demands.

How to Keep Your Best Executives—The Key: Make It Easier for Them to Leave

Historically, there is a significant increase in the number of executives leaving their companies as market conditions improve and more job opportunities open up. Accenture research shows that executives tend to stay longest with those companies that offer the greatest opportunities to enhance their employability. By providing the three opportunities that executives want most, companies will be in a better position not only to retain … [ Read more ]

Clayton M. Christensen, Scott Cook and Taddy Hall

Purpose brands create enormous opportunities for differentiation, premium pricing and growth. But reckless management can erode the equity of these brands. There are only two ways to extend brands without destroying them: Marketers can apply the brand to different products that address the same job. Or they can apply the brand to endorse the quality of products that do other jobs and create new purpose … [ Read more ]

Mark Penn

The Information Age has spawned many new professions, but blogging could well be the one with the most profound effect on our culture. If journalists were the Fourth Estate, bloggers are becoming the Fifth Estate.

All this fits with the trend toward Opinion TV. Less and less of our information flow is devoted to gathering facts, and more and more is going toward popularizing opinion. Twenty-four-hour … [ Read more ]

And the Best Executive M.B.A. Programs Are…

The Wall Street Journal’s first survey of executive M.B.A. programs measures which schools do the best job of turning up-and-coming managers into full-fledged leaders. The result: A ranking of 25 schools world-wide that accounts for the rigor needed to build tomorrow’s corporate leaders and C-suite executives.

Back to School, Turning Crimson

WSJ review of Ahead of the Curve by Philip Delves Broughton

Internet Gives M.B.A. Schools Global Reach

Business schools are moving quickly to harness the power of cyberspace chats to tap students from around the world. Many M.B.A programs are setting up their own social-networking sites and blogs, making it easy for prospective applicants to contact both current students and graduates.

Wall Street Journal Business-School Snapshots

WSJ offers details and stats on business schools, including contact info, cost, application deadline, WSJ ranking, info about students, student placement statistics, and reputation.

Warren Buffett

The five most dangerous words in business may be “Everybody else is doing it.”

Gary Hamel

To a large degree, jumbo-sized acquisitions are simply a response to the pressure CEOs feel to deliver above-average growth in revenue and earnings — a pressure that is more easily relieved via deal-making than through the arduous task of developing strategies that might rev up internal growth. This pressure is particularly acute when a company feels it has lost ground to a larger rival.

But while … [ Read more ]

Ebbers Rex

Like their counterparts in Greek tragedies, CEOs who defraud their companies’ shareholders fall victim to their own sense of invulnerability, according to BCG’s Kees Cools. Writing in the Manager’s Journal column of the Wall Street Journal, the BCG executive adviser details the findings of his study of 25 instances of major corporate fraud since 2000. Not surprisingly, the pressure to consistently achieve unrealistic share growth … [ Read more ]

Adventures in Cost Cutting

As companies have sought to slash expenses, plenty of fat has been cut-and plenty of mistakes have been made. What lessons have companies learned?

Japan’s New Wave of M&A

The restructuring of Japan, Inc., provides great opportunities for acquisitive foreign companies, but also new challenges.