How to Capitalize on Competencies

Competency models are descriptions of strong individual performance, and are the yardstick against which all performance is evaluated. A Penn State professor says that these models work.

Work Force – HR Trends & Tools for Business Results

Brought to you by Work Force magazine, this site is a good site that ranks high with our HR contacts. It delivers news, feature articles, decision guides, tips and tools on topical issues, a spotlight on reader posed problems, legal spotlight, Vendor directories and case studies. [Babson Insight Annotation]

Gossip Poisons Business – HR Can Stop It

“Lies, rumors, and office gossip have always been an entrenched part of the workscape. The office water cooler has long been a place to chitchat about the latest company news and to swap lurid tales . . . Left unchecked, certain kinds of office gossip can lead to serious problems. Employees who perceive that they’re working in a hostile environment might also feel that they … [ Read more ]