Roger L. Martin, Peter F. Drucker

Business schools do not teach the fundamental problems of business. What they teach are finance, what they teach is marketing, they teach us HR. As the greatest management thinker of all time, Peter Drucker said, “There are no marketing problems, there are no finance problems, there are no accounting problems, there are only business problems.” These are problems that sloppily span across a bunch of … [ Read more ]

Roger L. Martin

A great leader’s first reaction is, hmm, say more. Tell me more. … Because it has this super big knock-on effect. One, it causes your subordinates to all think that if you’ve got an interesting thought, I’m open to hearing it. I’m not going to just shut that down because it disagrees with me. Everybody is more inclined to think about things and think about … [ Read more ]

Behavioral Economics of Intrinsic Motivation

A look at the basics of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, specifically referring to books by Dan Pink and Dan Ariely. Pretty basic level analysis, but useful if you aren’t already comfortable with the topic.

Mintzberg on Managing

Management expert Henry Mintzberg has played a major role shaping the world’s concept of managing. According to him, CEO bonuses need to disappear and companies should promote “communityship.”

Tom Hopkins Selling Fundamentals

There are 7 steps in a successful selling cycle. Learn what they are and how to do them.

Best Practices for Conducting a Search: Panel Discussion

Search fund entrepreneurs and investors discuss how to conduct a search to maximize the probability of finding and closing an attractive acquisition. Panelists are Rafael Somoza (MBA ’96), Robert Befidi, Jim Southern and Rich Kelley (MBA ’89). Moderated by David Dodson (MBA ’87), Lecturer for Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition.