Always On: Advertising, Marketing, and Media in an Era of Consumer Control

We stand at the beginning of a consumer-centric age–an era with potentially enormous returns for leaders in marketing, advertising and media–if they get their approach right. The new media environment is “always on,” digitally accessible to audiences from anywhere at any time, and responsive to their control. As consumers get used to this, the world of marketing is shifting to one of constant experimentation, fine-grained insight through new metrics, and continual innovation of the visible advertising message, as well as the changing business infrastructure beneath it.

The thought leaders at Booz & Company and strategy+business magazine have collaborated to create an up-to-the-minute exploration of this turbulent yet promising new digital era and its implications for corporate executives and marketing and advertising professionals. Giving you profiles of the best in the business and deep explorations of the most effective innovations and strategies in the marketing world, Always On introduces you to the companies that are reshaping the ways we will reach customers in the future.

Their secrets are in this book, including how to:

* Match your messages to the right media
* Learn the leading strategies of consumer-centric pioneers
* Discover the lessons of laggard marketers
* Explore viral marketing
* Track advertising spending shifts
* Capture emerging opportunities in a world of constant change
* Master the new marketing metrics
* Engage your customers on their terms

Figuring out the best mix of strategies for any brand requires experimentation, networking, innovation, analytics, and risk taking-qualities that have never been adequately nurtured in a marketer’s traditional career path. Always On puts you at the front of the race for successful innovation, with the latest successful approaches and techniques–essential competitive knowledge in a marketing and advertising world that never quits.

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