Sunil Gupta

Do likes lead to loyal consumers or do loyal consumers tend to like a brand on Facebook? Do these likes lead to anything? What we found with our research was that likes lead to nothing.

Jason Cohen

These are the components of the correct alternative to the MVP [minimum viable product]: Simple, Lovable and Complete (SLC). A SLC product does not require ongoing development in order to add value. It’s possible that v1 should evolve for years into a v4, but you also have the option of not investing further in the product, yet it still adds value. An MVP that never … [ Read more ]

Gina Gotthilf

The simplest way to implement an idea effectively may not be the simplest way to implement that idea. “Minimum” comes first in “MVP,” but “viable” is at its core.

Robert B. Miller, Stephen E. Heiman

Anytime you’re asking someone to buy something, you’re asking them to make a change.

Credit Karma’s CEO Built a Sexy Brand in an Unsexy Category with No PR Firm and a Tiny Budget — Here’s How

At First Round, we get asked all the time how companies can capture mindshare and customer fascination when they have hardly any resources to throw at it. Well, Kenneth Lin’s company Credit Karma did exactly that to create a company now worth over $3 billion, and he broke down how for the audience at our last CEO Summit. In this piece, we share his answers … [ Read more ]

Unlocking the Power of Data in Sales

Analytics plays an increasingly important role in B2B sales—and high-performing sales organizations take it to a new level to differentiate themselves from the also-rans.

Danielle Sacks

Real-time marketing is another gun in the corporate arsenal, and like all the others, it’s damn hard to tell if it ever hits the mark.

Are Sales Incentives Becoming Obsolete?

To motivate, manage, and reward B2B salespeople, many companies use sales incentive plans that link large commissions or bonuses to individual results metrics, such as territory quota achievement. As digital channels continue to reduce and redefine salespeople’s role in customer buying, these traditional sales incentive plans are becoming less effective at driving sales outcomes.

The right sales incentive plan creates a double win. Salespeople win because … [ Read more ]

Fan Favorites

In order to build engagement and loyalty in a climate of intense competition and distraction, companies have to understand their customers, viewers, and readers as fans.

How To Improve Content Distribution Strategy

Creating great content is just one piece of the puzzle of a successful content marketing strategy and even an amazing content doesn’t guarantee huge audience. Content distribution is typically an afterthought for many marketing teams. It feels like by the time teams have a solid piece of advice to share with their target audience, they’ve already forgotten about distribution. But posting on your blog and … [ Read more ]

The Dangerous Seduction of the Lifetime Value (LTV) Formula

Many consumer Internet business executives are loyalists of the Lifetime Value model, often referred to as the LTV model or formula. Lifetime value is the net present value of the profit stream of a customer. This concept, which appears on the surface to be quite benign, is typically used to compare the costs of acquiring a customer (often referred to as SAC, which stands for … [ Read more ]

How To Track Customer Acquisitions: Customer Lifecycle, Sales Funnel, and Content Strategy

This article will walk you through the customer acquisition funnel. The primary goal is to help you design, analyze, and optimize your customer acquisition process. The secondary goal is to present different perspectives on moving customers through the lifecycle stages and to show how marketing, sales, and customer success teams should collaborate and where each team’s responsibilities lay. Hopefully, everyone will find at least one … [ Read more ]

Four Types of Email Addresses Damaging Your Deliverability, and What You Can Do About Them

Email is a great medium for connecting with leads and customers. But when your list becomes bloated with bad addresses and inactive subscribers, it’s time to clean house. So let’s look at the four types of offending addresses and how to deal with each of them effectively.

Robert McKee

… what attracts human attention is change. […] if the temperature around you changes, if the phone rings — that gets your attention. The way in which a story begins is a starting event that creates a moment of change.

How Adidas Found Its Second Wind

The sportswear giant’s embrace of its heritage shows how reconnecting with the past can inspire a company’s future.

Convert More Leads Into Sales With These Five Email Follow-Up Campaigns

Most businesses know they should be following up leads with a good email autoresponder sequence. However, many simply don’t know what to write in their emails, and so they never get around to it.

Here are five approaches you can use when creating your email follow-up sequences.

These approaches will help you stay top of mind without boring or annoying your prospect with the same message every … [ Read more ]

Leslie’s Compass: A Framework For Go-To-Market Strategy

Startups need a simple test that can bring a go-to-market strategy into focus — one that can help smartly deploy limited resources when a product is first launched and a company has one chance to make a strong, first impression. For these inflection points, startups need a compass, and in my decades of working with them, I think this framework points them in the right … [ Read more ]

What Most Companies Miss About Customer Lifetime Value

For managers and marketers alike, the power to calculate what customers might be worth is alluring. That’s what makes customer lifetime value (CLV) so popular in so many industries. CLV brings both quantitative rigor and long-term perspective to customer acquisition and relationships. For all its impressive strengths, however, CLV suffers from a crippling flaw that blurs its declared focus.