A Passport to America

How blue staters and red staters can learn to communicate and do business.

Smarter Hiring, the DDI Way

“Targeted Selection” sounds Darwinian, but it’s actually the behavior-based hiring process developed by William Bynham of DDI and used, so far, on more than 15 million people in 70 countries. If your business is in an aggressive growth mode, it could help you make the right hiring decisions too.

Grist: Leno Brands Versus Letterman Brands

The Great Divide in America today isn’t between the red states and the blue states on the televised election map. Neither is it about science versus the humanities, abortion versus choice, PCs versus Macs, or any other alleged cultural chasm. The real gulf in this country today is between those who walk around in a state of ironic vigilance, where every reference is shot through … [ Read more ]