Xerox: Building a Corporate Focus on Knowledge

Knowledge is the key element in running an organization. It’s also the cornerstone for a new economy and, combined with innovation, knowledge enables daily business practices to be reworked. Professor Soumitra Dutta, Professor Luk Van Wassenhove and Beatrix Biren consider how knowledge can be converted into marketplace success for any organization. They study one particular Xerox community as well as the overall … [ Read more ]

Webraska: Evolving with the Wireless Market

Webraska is a young, high-tech wireless company, which is left drifting in the wake of the troubled telecom industry in early 2001. It faces important strategy choices and must decide whether and how to adapt its business and revenue models in an uncertain market. Iwona Bancerek, Beatrix Biren and Professor Christoph Zott guide you through one of the first-ever cases written on wireless business in … [ Read more ]

The Dot-com After the Storm: Lining Up for New Internet Revolution

A few years ago, the Internet revolution began with a massive promotion and a fashionable phase of dot-com start-ups. And although we thought many of those upstarts might make it to the Fortune 500, most experienced the exact opposite. Today it’s phase two of the revolution, and it’s the incumbents who are using Internet and digital technologies to recharge and revitalise their organisations. Professor Soumitra … [ Read more ]