The Anarchist’s Cookbook

John Mackey’s approach to management is equal parts Star Trek and 1970s flashback. It seems like a recipe for disaster, but at Whole Foods it’s a prescription for world-beating growth — and maybe for a world-changing company.

Which Price is Right?

It is an urgent question: How can we increase profits if we can’t raise prices? The answer demands revolutionary thinking — new insights about strategy and human behavior, turbocharged with software, mathematics, and rapid-fire experimentation. Is your company ready to master the new era of pricing? Are you prepared to pay the price of failure?

But Wait, You Promised…

Bad customer service is one of the universal — and unifying — experiences of being an American in the 21st century. But is customer service really worse than it used to be?


From the experiences of dozens skilled at making change happen, we’ve compiled a handbook — 10 Laws of Change that you can use to gauge your development as a change agent in an era of total change.