Rethinking Retention: If You Want Your Best Executives to Stay, Equip Them to Leave

Rather than guaranteeing employment security, many firms now claim to provide opportunities for employees to accumulate skills and experiences that both improve company performance and enhance employees’ employability in the labor market. This “employability approach” encourages and often expects individuals to take greater personal responsibility for their careers.

Since many believe that the employability approach allows, and even invites, the loss of talent, organizations are often … [ Read more ]

Performance Anatomy: Culture in Action

Most executives concede that culture can do a great deal to enable (or disable) an organization’s ability to change or to embrace new ideas and technologies. But when asked what can be done to enhance a culture’s positive effects (or diminish negative effects), they either shrug or offer a complicated explanation ending with the caveat that “it takes a long time.” But culture doesn’t have … [ Read more ]