Let’s Get Persian

Herodotus, the Greek historian, reported that the ancient Persians always made important decisions twice—first when they were drunk, and then again when they were sober. Only if the Persians reached the same decision, drunk and sober, would they act on that decision.

In addition to using what might be called a second-chance meeting to review important decisions in an unbiased light, businesses should also take advantage … [ Read more ]

‘Edge’ Technologies Go Mainstream

Over the past five years, companies invested a lot in IT just to stay in place. Although CRM, ERP, inventory control, and other applications generated huge efficiencies in core processes and practices, businesses are seeing diminishing financial returns from these improvements as competitors race to match incremental gains and customers reap most of the value in lower prices or improved service. As a result, strategic … [ Read more ]

Platforms for Growth

GM and Deere show how adding communication technology to existing products can allow for innovative services.

Design of the Times

Even though the easy-money days for ‘dot-coms’ are gone, here are five ways to still win.

Unleashing the Killer App : Digital Strategies for Market Dominance

Downes and Mui argue that the dominant trend behind the proliferation of killer apps is a combination of Moore’s Law, which states that the processing power of the CPU doubles every 18 months, and Metcalfe’s Law, which observes that the value of a network increases dramatically with each node that’s added to it. These two laws are fundamentally changing how businesses interact with each other … [ Read more ]