The Eternal Principles for Creating Luxury Brands

This article is about the time proven principles for creating luxury brands in order to attract affluents.

Al Ries Might be Dangerous to Your Brand

In the business world’s hall of fame a special place is reserved for Al Ries. He is without any doubt one of the most prominent gurus of strategic thinking. Regretfully, Ries’s continued influence is becoming today a considerable danger to successful brand building and brand management.

Creating Brand Instrumentality Beyond the Product

The understanding of the different kinds of added value, the ways these values are instrumental to the consumer and the methods by which brands can be means for the consumer for achieving his goals, makes the difference between masterful creations of brands and amateur imitation.

The Formula for Marketing Hits

From time to time, the marketing world is taken aback by huge, quick, unpredictable and seemingly inexplicable successes. These marketing “hits” are products or services, entertainment locales or vacation spots, shopping malls or specialty stores that enjoy puzzlingly immediate popularity.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a formula for these seemingly unpredictable marketing wonders.