CEO Evaluations That Work: Building a valuable relationship between CEOs and their boards

CEOs today find themselves subject to unprecedented scrutiny and concern. That’s not cause for lament, however. Regular, rigorous evaluation by the board of directors is a healthy part of corporate life. But the evaluation must have teeth, with meaningful performance dimensions and metrics as well as a feedback process that uses the board’s time efficiently.

Managing the Team at the Top

The team at the top may be the most difficult to manage and lead. Rivalries, strong personalities and different notions of the future make it a tough job indeed. But if the teams are structured right, they can be of immense value to the company.

Champions of Change : How CEOs and Their Companies are Mastering the Skills of Radical Change

Business consultant and author David Nadler draws on direct experiences with several top CEOs for this well-written book about organizational change, specifically “leadership change.” The 14 chapters fall roughly into three sections. In the first section Nadler surveys the forces that make change inevitable but so difficult for modern businesses. Then he presents several tools and techniques to treat organizational change, including planning, direction setting, … [ Read more ]