David Gartside, Colin Sloman

[Globally] HR professionals will need to understand regional or country differences regarding the number, quality, and types of skills available, typical turnover rates, employment regulations, costs of labor, healthcare policies and costs, talent mobility policies, cultural norms and values, the strength of the employer brand, and the specific employment value proposition that will attract and retain people.

Based on these data and insight, HR will … [ Read more ]

Trends Reshaping the Future of HR: Digital Radically Disrupts HR

Digital technology is changing the face of human resources. Top-performing HR organizations will likely respond by becoming smaller, less centralized and more project-oriented. Expertise in marketing and analytics will be highly valued. New ways to identify, attract and nurture talent could proliferate, with more emphasis given to workplace culture.

Trends Reshaping the Future of HR: Talent Management Meets the Science of Human Behavior

Dramatic breakthroughs are being made in the study of brain function and human behavior. Recent advancements in talent analytics also have been extensive. The net effect is new opportunities for human resource organizations to improve workforce performance and business outcomes by concurrently leveraging science-based insights and emerging technologies.

Adapting to a Workforce Without Borders

As companies stake their growth strategies on global expansion and penetration of new markets, they face a new global talent imperative. A mismatch between where supply and demand of available skills resides is forcing organizations to turn to other countries to locate scarce skills and source the best talent.

Organizations today face a different talent landscape, one in which the global talent map has lost its … [ Read more ]

How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?

For years, the human resources function has shouldered much of the responsibility for managing people, but it has often had to do so with too little real information and too segregated from the business. Talent analytics can change all this—revolutionizing not only the practice of HR but also how insights about workforce performance can be derived and applied to achieve real improvements in business performance. … [ Read more ]

Different Strokes: How to Manage a Global Workforce

How can companies develop workforce programs that are globally effective and consistent but still locally relevant? Accenture looks at the challenge from numerous perspectives, including organizational structure; HR operating models; top management selection; talent acquisition and retention; performance measurement; technology support; and compensation and motivation.

Transforming Workforce Performance in the New Business Reality

In the post-recession business reality, performance management is becoming a key enabler of high performance. Accenture explores the practices of leading companies to help provide a blueprint for a more effective approach to performance management.