Deniz Caglar, John Ranke

Although executives intuitively know that taxes are important to the company’s ultimate profitability (and income available to shareholders), they don’t often evaluate these costs as part of the restructuring effort. Rather, they treat taxes as a cost of compliance, after the major decisions are made. Consequently, they are likely either to create tax inefficiencies or to miss opportunities to put their companies in a better … [ Read more ]

Vinay Couto, Deniz Caglar, John Plansky

Explicitly give middle managers the support and encouragement they need to communicate up the hierarchy — even when sharing difficult messages — without fear of negative consequences. Executives are often so consumed with shaping the future that they lose track of the feelings within the organization at large. Managers need to let them know what’s happening in the trenches, to help remind them to address … [ Read more ]

Be Your Own Activist Investor

With these 10 principles for rethinking cost management, you can maximize value and avoid threats from Wall Street.

Is Your Company Fit for Growth?

A more strategic approach to costs can help you prepare for the next round of expansion.

Deniz Caglar, Jaya Pandrangi, and John Plansky

When you focus on priorities, costs are not problems. They are choices. The priorities most worthy of high levels of investment are those that align with the growth priorities of your business, helping to build the capabilities that distinguish your company and contribute substantially to its success.

How Ikea Reassembled Its Growth Strategy

During the Great Recession, this iconic Swedish furniture company developed a new way to expand: cutting costs while increasing customer loyalty.