Rules of the Game for People Businesses: Succeeding in the Economy”s Highest Growth Segment

People businesses are the fastest growing sector in developed economies. This report focuses on four areas of people businesses that are markedly different from traditional businesses: performance measures, operations, compensation, and strategies. A managers’ ability to measure the productivity of employees, as well as to enhance it operationally, reward it appropriately, and transform it strategically is central to building sustained competitive advantage. It can’t be … [ Read more ]

The Link between People Management and Company Performance

There’s a 95 percent chance of a positive correlation between company performance and factors such as performance-based pay plans, the deployment of knowledge management systems, or the percentage of staff hired through a validated selection procedure, according to a study carried out by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) and a team headed by BCG’s Felix Barber. The findings illustrate how specific people-management practices can enhance employee … [ Read more ]