Frances Hesselbein

People flourish when they take responsibility. Have you ever met a young person who couldn’t wait to be a subordinate?

Frances Hesselbein’s Merit Badge in Leadership

The former CEO of the Girl Scouts has spent decades bringing professional management to nonprofits.

Frances Hesselbein

In the end it is the quality and character, a leader’s understanding of how to be, not how to do, that determines the performance, the results.

Leading for Innovation: & Organizing For Results

In this second volume of The Drucker Foundation’s Wisdom to Action Series, twenty-seven remarkable thought leaders help today’s leaders meet the challenge of releasing the power of innovation. Leading for Innovation brings together Clayton M. Christensen, Jim Collins, Howard Gardner, Charles Handy, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, C. William Pollard, Margaret Wheatley, and other thought leaders to offer you practical guidance on leading your organization to a … [ Read more ]

Focus on the Task

Frances Hesselbein offers some thought-provoking ideas on leaders who are women.

The Power of Civility

Frances Hesselbein tackles the idea of manners and civility in the business world, supporting the view of Peter Drucker that “good manners are the lubricating oil of organizations.”

Editor’s Note: I don’t know about you, but I for one notice a lack of manners in business dealings all too frequently…especially so since the advent of increasingly digital communications.

Barriers to Leadership

Frances Hesselbein was asked by a group of Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellows to address “Barriers to Leadership”. The request forced her to consciously distill what she had learned from experience but not yet articulated about barriers to leadership. From this introspection emerged two types of barriers: one personal and self-imposed, the other institutional, structural, or cultural.

Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs: Enhancing the Performance of Your Enterprising Nonprofit

A complete set of tools for applying entrepreneurial strategies and techniques to your nonprofit
As a follow-up to their book Enterprising Nonprofits, the authors of Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs provide a full set of practical tools for putting the lessons of business entrepreneurship to work in your nonprofit. The book offers hands-on guidance that helps social sector leaders hone their entrepreneurial skills and carry … [ Read more ]

Carry a Big Basket

Frances Hesselbein (editor-in-chief of Leader to Leader) discusses a piece of advice she received years ago, “You have to carry a big basket to bring something home.” In particular, she mentions four leadership imperatives — innovation, inclusion, opportunity and equal access, and values-based management. Along with these, she reminds us that mission focus, the leadership essential, guides us in how we use what we … [ Read more ]

When the Roll is Called in 2010

“Building a sustainable organization is one of a leader’s primary responsibilities. When the challenges of today have been met, will your organization have the vigor to grow tomorrow? When the roll is called in 2010, will your organization be present? To meet the challenges and opportunities of the years to come requires hard work. My checklist — not for survival but for a successful journey … [ Read more ]