Frank Morris, Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Chris Floyd, Geoffrey Marlow

Once formed, mindsets become more and more deeply ingrained through a reinforcing loop. Mindsets condition our perceptions, which dictate what we experience. Our experiences reinforce our original mindsets and close the loop. In organizations, this phenomenon tends to manifest as separate “mindset factions” e.g., in R&D, Marketing, and Manufacturing. Members of various factions see things differently, yet all believe they are unarguably and self-evidently “right” … [ Read more ]

Innovation: The Key Process for Business Growth

This article outlines some of the thinking expressed at a recent gathering of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) by Arthur D. Little. The discussion covered a wide range of issues, from whether “stale” companies should just be allowed to die and make way for new ones, to the role of governments in encouraging innovation. Participants looked at what motivates companies and individuals to continue looking for … [ Read more ]