Jay Rao, Ivor Morgan

The [Balanced Scorecard] article compares flying a modern jet aircraft with its many instruments and controls to managing a complex firm. Indeed where the relationship between an action and its result is well known, it is possible for humans to handle a large number of measures simultaneously. But success for a firm is not an easy matter of cause and effect. Some actions of considerable … [ Read more ]

Fun is Serious Business – Particularly for Mature “Neutral” Service Firms

When you think of fun services you think of the experiences provided by Disneyworld or Southwest Airlines. But most services are so routine that users don’t even remember doing them. Can fun experiences be built into these neutral services to create a market advantage? This article looks at successful funsters like Commerce Bank and Jordan’s Furniture to draw some lessons on how to add fun … [ Read more ]

Aligning Strategy through Super-Measure Management

After many years in which companies invested millions into management information systems that produce massive amounts of data each day some companies are now narrowing their management attention to one chosen performance measurement called a Super-Measure (SM). In these companies all eyes are fixed on this SM that monitors a critical performance statistic and is used to align behaviors and actions with the company’s value … [ Read more ]