Measuring Profitable Growth and Innovation

Research indicates that effective innovation is correlated with better total returns to shareholders. But to see whether their innovations are translating into corporate success, executives need measures they can trust and track.

Charged Up: Managing the Energy that Drives Innovation

Leaders readily acknowledge that innovation is essential for their companies’ success. And they recognize that energized employees are more likely to produce valuable innovations than those who have become passive or reactionary. However, they also struggle with the best way to drive enthusiasm and passion deep into a workforce. One often-overlooked opportunity for improvement lies in the daily conversations and meetings that either energize or … [ Read more ]

Outsourcing? Get In Sync

Corporate self-examination helps management select the right outsourcing partner and anticipate both the benefits and drawbacks of transformational outsourcing.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Learning is an essential part of any company’s effort to change and innovate. But to be successful, learning must be extended to strategy and management issues and involve the direct participation of senior executives. It’s a price too many CEOs are unwilling to pay.

Business Process Outsourcing Big Bang

As the uses for BPO have expanded, however, so too has the confusion about how to make it work. The old formulas about when to use BPO, how to structure deals, how to manage relationships, and how to capture value no longer hold. In order to be successful, executives must configure a host of complex choices into a unique “value equation” that fits their situation.

This … [ Read more ]

Business Process Outsourcing Big Bang: Creating Value in an Expanding Universe

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) once had a clear place in the executive’s toolkit-it was used to achieve cost savings in transaction-intensive, back office business processes. That’s all changed. BPO is emerging as a flexible and powerful approach that business leaders can use to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims. A new piece of thought leadership, published in conjunction with Accenture’s Institute for … [ Read more ]