Pricing Fluency: A Program for Pricing Excellence

Pricing is the language of business. Through pricing, companies tell customers which products have the greatest value or when costs have gone up. Through pricing, companies can “ask” customers to change their behavior. A comprehensive “pricing fluency” program for the whole organization focuses on improving the pricing model with better policies for how prices are set, and improving the pricing platform for organizational implementation. The … [ Read more ]

The Multichannel Imperative

Multichannel retailing has become a market imperative. Consumers who shop in two or more channels are often much more profitable than single-channel shoppers—although they expect a seamless experience across stores, catalogs, Web sites, mobile sites, call centers, TV networks, and direct mail. It’s a daunting challenge, but retailers often overestimate its difficulty. Rather than focus only on big investments in technology integration, retailers should also … [ Read more ]