Could U.S. News Kill The GMAT Exam?

U.S. News‘ recently removed GMAT and GRE scores from its online MBA ranking process. If it does so for its full-time MBA ranking it could have a big impact on the future of those exams.

These Are The Top Ten Online MBA Programs

Earning an MBA from your laptop has become increasingly popular. Online programs tend to be less expensive than their residential counterparts and students don’t have to quit their jobs to get an MBA. What’s more, students can generally set the pace for their degree, easing up on the demands of their education when personal or work demands increase.IS

According to the fourth annual ranking of the … [ Read more ]

The Hidden Costs Of Getting An MBA

Many students will argue that excursions and extracurricular activities are a necessity for the bonding and networking opportunities they provide. But they are also among the hidden costs of getting the degree and they add up fast. So when you are plugging into spreadsheet cells the loss of your salary, the cost of tuition and fees, and your estimates for living costs in a new … [ Read more ]

Are These MBAs Best For Entrepreneurs?

For the third consecutive time in three rankings of the best MBA programs for would-be entrepreneurs, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business came out on top, according to the new Financial Times’ 2017 list. But the results of this ranking–doubled to 50 schools from last year’s 25–is all over the place.

The FT cautioned readers not to compare this year’s ranking results with previous years due to … [ Read more ]

Yet Another MBA Ranking In The Works

Times Higher Education (THE) announced that it will team up with The Wall Street Journal to publish yet another set of rankings on MBA programs and specialty master’s programs in finance and management.

The British weekly magazine, which claims a readership of 380,000, will join an already crowded field of media players to publish its first rankings in the spring of 2018 after what it called … [ Read more ]

A New Rankings Revolt In The Making?

Elliot Bendoly of Ohio State has co-authored a new research paper that is the latest attack on business school rankings.

Top Ten: The Most Favorably Reviewed MBA Admission Consultants

Some applicants have horror stories to tell about their consultants, with experiences so bad that they have actually demanded refunds. They’ve been swayed from dream schools, put up with long response times, and even mediocre advice.

Not so with the counselors at the very top of the business. So who are the world’s most favorably reviewed MBA admission counselors. Poets&Quants has been soliciting client reviews on … [ Read more ]

U.S. News’ 2017 Ranking Of The Best Online MBAs

For the third consecutive year, the online MBA program at Temple University’s Fox School of Business today (Jan. 10) won the No. 1 spot in U.S. News & World Report‘s ranking of the best MBAs delivered via the Internet. Among the top 24 ranked schools, there are some notable changes.

A WaitLister’s Successful Effort To Get In

JC Chang beat the odds to get himself off the waitlist last year and into Chicago Booth. His highly detailed account of how he did it is both inspirational and instructive.

You’ll Never Guess Which Country Beat The GMAT

If the Guinness Book of Records tracked GMAT scores around the world, which country could lay claim to the highest average scores?

GRE Acceptance By B-Schools Hits Record High

Business schools that now accept the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT has reached an all-time high percentage, according to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2016 business school admissions officer survey. Some 92% of the schools now accept GRE scores, a huge jump from Kaplan’s 2009 survey — the first year Kaplan asked the question — when only 24% of business schools took GRE scores. But … [ Read more ]

One In Four GMAT Test Takers Now Cancel Scores

More than one in four people who took the GMAT exam this year cancelled their scores after learning the results, preventing business schools from ever seeing the scores. That’s a massive increase in the number of test takers who pay to take the test and then immediately discard it.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

A regular series by Poets & Quants where prospective MBA candidate profiles are analyzed by admissions expert Sandy Kreisberg for their strengths and weaknesses and likelihood of getting into certain target programs.

Editor’s Note: I watched the video for one of the installments and it was really awful, enough so, honestly, to make me doubt anything Sandy Kreisberg actually says. Still, I will just assume … [ Read more ]

The GMAT: An Exam with Greater Profit Margins than Apple

Sixty years since its birth, the spectacular growth of the admissions exam mirrors the rise in popularity of the MBA degree, arguably the most successful educational product of the post-war period.

Harvard B-school interview: An inside view

The business school’s student newspaper has offered a revealing portrait of the admissions process and offers up 96 interview questions.

The online MBA comes of age

As top schools continue to move into the online market, the quality of the students opting to earn degrees on the web is increasing as well.

Columbia B-school’s Glenn Hubbard: Is an MBA worth it?

Hubbard discusses the anxiety in MBA programs, Columbia’s MBA application plunge, and why alum Warren Buffett has not donated.

Inside MBA admissions: How a top school decides

A look at what happens behind closed doors as the University of Toronto’s Rotman School’s separates the B-school applicant wheat from the chaff.

Inside Harvard B-school’s Startup Boot Camp

With $3,000 of seed capital from Harvard Business School, around 150 MBA teams were tasked with developing their very own micro-businesses in short order. Here’s what they came up with.

Harvard’s unofficial guide to the MBA interview

As business schools begin to invite candidates for admissions interviews, HBS’s newspaper has published its unofficial guide to the process. What questions should you expect?