Are These MBAs Best For Entrepreneurs?

For the third consecutive time in three rankings of the best MBA programs for would-be entrepreneurs, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business came out on top, according to the new Financial Times’ 2017 list. But the results of this ranking–doubled to 50 schools from last year’s 25–is all over the place.

The FT cautioned readers not to compare this year’s ranking results with previous years due to a change in the methodology. The newspaper said it now includes MBA programs with more than 10 entrepreneurs among survey respondents to its global MBA opinion survey, down from 15 the previous year. “While this allowed the FT to double the number of schools ranked, it also means comparisons in ranked places over the period is not possible,” according to the FT. While a change of only five respondents should hardly cause major changes in a ranking, the warning confirms that sample size has an outsized impact on the results–not a circumstance that lends much support to the credibility of the list.

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