Yet Another MBA Ranking In The Works

Times Higher Education (THE) announced that it will team up with The Wall Street Journal to publish yet another set of rankings on MBA programs and specialty master’s programs in finance and management.

The British weekly magazine, which claims a readership of 380,000, will join an already crowded field of media players to publish its first rankings in the spring of 2018 after what it called “extensive consultation with master’s students, alumni and business schools across the world.” Though little known in North America, the publication’s partnership with The Wall Street Journal, which once ranked MBA programs on its own, will guarantee that the new lists gain significant notice and potential clout.

While the publication has yet to decide on a methodology, it will follow the lead of Bloomberg Businessweek, The Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes in surveying recent business school graduates. It also will, like U.S. News and Businessweek, survey employers. Also like the FT and The Economist, the publication will produce a unified global list rather than separate U.S. and international rankings as Businessweek and Forbes do.

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