Ken Blanchard

Where we get in trouble in this world is that people are pushing and shoving for three things: money, recognition, and power and status. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things—except if you define yourself by them. See, the opposite of money as a drive is generosity, generosity of time, talent, and treasure. The opposite of recognition is service, and the opposite of power … [ Read more ]

Ken Blanchard

Are you a servant leader or a self-serving leader? Self-serving leaders are driven people, and driven people think they can own everything—possessions, wife, kids, everything. If you try to give a self-serving leader feedback, he’ll kill the messenger; they see it as a threat to their position. Servant leaders, on the other hand, are not driven but called. They are people who think everything’s on … [ Read more ]

Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

Know Can Do! is a teaching parable in the tradition of Ken Blanchard’s bestselling business books. It tells the story of a well known author who is troubled by the gap between what people know: all the good advice they’ve digested intellectually from books and seminars, and what they actually do. Seeking a way to close this learning-doing gap, the author sets out on a … [ Read more ]

The Vision Thing: Without It You’ll Never Be a World-Class Organization

“Without a clear vision, an organization be-comes a self-serving bureaucracy. The top managers begin to think “the sheep are there for the benefit of the shepherd.” All the money, recognition, power, and status move up the hierarchy, away from the people closest to the customers, and leadership begins to serve the leaders and not the organization’s larger purpose and goals…A vision is compelling when it … [ Read more ]

Ken Blanchard

Twenty years and 10 million books later, The One Minute Manager keeps on ticking, along with its author, Ken Blanchard.

Managing By Values

What if you could give your organization the gift of a magnificent and promising future while also discovering a way for all of its stakeholders to be satisfied in the process? To do so means implementing a new and broader approach that builds on the foundation of an effective organization, namely, its mission and its values. Rather than focusing solely on results, winning companies first … [ Read more ]