Improve Marketing Performance: How to Choose the Metrics That Matter

Marketing metrics should tie in some way to marketing’s ability to acquire, keep and grow the value of customers. Here are a few useful questions to ask about your metrics and some parameters for choosing them.

Three Steps to Take the Mystery Out of Measuring Marketing

As the CEO, here are three questions your Marketing team should be able to answer to help ensure you receive the right metrics:
– How is Marketing impacting and contributing to the business
– What is and isn’t working
– Does the data enable course adjustments?

Five Key Metrics You Need to Create a Customer-Centric Company

To ensure the customer-centric vision takes root, you need to establish clear metrics that are linked to the company’s strategic, operational, and financial goals. Those metrics will help with determining priorities and shifting the orientation of the company toward a more customer-centered business model. Ideally, the marketing team will work with the executive team to establish the metrics.

Once the metrics are selected, it is a … [ Read more ]

Six Best-Practices to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Your sales and marketing organizations are the most critical links to customers. Having well-oiled sales and marketing machines that work well together can make all the difference in successfully addressing revenue and growth.

The alignment of those two organizations determines how well a company attracts buyers and sells to them. The relationship is more than just a simple handoff at the point a lead is generated; … [ Read more ]

The Nine Most Common Data Mining Techniques Used in Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics enables you to develop mathematical models to help you better understand the variables driving success. Predictive analytics relies on formulas that compare past successes and failures, and then uses those formulas to predict future outcomes.

This article provides a quick explanation of the nine most common data-mining techniques used in predictive analytics. Becoming familiar with them will go a long way toward enabling … [ Read more ]

Gaining Insight into Marketing Results – The Value of a Marketing Dashboard

The time is right to ask marketing to develop of more valuable and insightful report. A report that benefits both marketing and the C-Suite. An at-a-glance report that quantifies the overall impact marketing is having on the business and how well initiatives are increasing customer acquisition, retention and share of wallet. This report is known in the industry as a dashboard. These … [ Read more ]

Put an End to Flying Blind: A Ten-Step Process for Creating a Go-To-Market Tactical Plan

Many organizations can achieve substantial growth by entering a new market with a well thought out and flawlessly executed plan. The operative words here are well thought-out and flawlessly executed. This article outlines a ten-step process any size company can use to successfully enter a new market.

Setting Performance Targets: The Ins and Outs in 10 Steps

Despite the emphasis on and progress in marketing performance measurement and management (MPM) over the past decade, research continues to show that the link between marketing and the business still needs to be stronger and clearer.

As a result, the pressure on marketing to show its impact on the business, demonstrate accountability, and communicate its value continues to intensify.

Marketers who use performance-management best-practices are best positioned … [ Read more ]

Bolster Revenue with Win/Loss Analysis

In today’s environment win/loss analysis is something any company can do to bolster revenue efforts; yet many companies fail to do this work. When done properly win/loss analysis provides clarity and insights into customers’ perceptions of your product, experience throughout the sales cycle, and expectations created by your company messaging. Institutionalizing win/loss analysis will create requirements to product development, feedback about messaging to … [ Read more ]

Quality Metrics Enable Marketing’s Ability to Influence Strategic Direction

Results from a recent survey found that only 17% of us indicated that our CEOs would give marketing an A. What’s more, this study and others continue to suggest that a gap remains between a company’s business goals and the metrics marketing uses to measure their impact on these goals.

The need and opportunity remains for marketing to improve the linkage between marketing expenditures and delivered … [ Read more ]

CABs and TABs: Market Research Vehicles Ideal for Every CEO

The competitive environment makes market and customer intelligence extremely critical for any company. Yet many small to medium sized companies cannot afford to regularly conduct primary market research, and while secondary research can be helpful it isn’t always on the topics the C-Suite are grappling with. What can a CEO or a company’s leadership team do to affordably keep a pulse on the market and … [ Read more ]

Five Serious Considerations (and a Checklist) for Your Next Marketing Plan

Most businesspeople intuitively know that the key to successful marketing is having a marketing plan-a blueprint for action. But many companies operate without one, focusing instead on the issues of the moment without committing to a long-term strategy.

A marketing plan does not need to be complex, but it does require several elements to be effective.

What the CEO Can Do to Put Sales and Marketing on the Same Revenue Page

The buying pipeline promotes the entire sales cycle, from target to contact, to suspect, to lead, to qualified lead, to prospect and finally to customer and all the steps and time in between. In an effective pipeline organization, Marketing and Sales collaborate to understand where each opportunity is in the pipeline and who has the primary responsibility to move it forward.