Organizational Capabilities Matter: Organization of the Future: Designed to Win

Organizational capabilities have a major impact on long-term corporate performance, and none matter more than behavioral aspects. But behavioral attributes can have a high impact only when they’re backed by strong structural capabilities. A new BCG Focus explains what organizations can do to develop the appropriate sets of capabilities.

Editor’s Note: I see many weaknesses in the approach and methodology employed for this study and thus … [ Read more ]

Creating People Advantage 2010

This report details which HR practices and methodologies are helping companies to create competitive advantage and which need a different approach to suit the times. This analysis of a broad range of HR topics is based on the second survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations, which generated responses from more than 5,500 executives in 109 countries … [ Read more ]

Realizing the Value of People Management

The Boston Consulting Group and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) recently conducted major research to probe the relationship between people management capabilities and financial performance. We surveyed 4,288 HR and non-HR managers on their current HR capabilities and challenges, the strategies and approaches they use to address these challenges, and the difficulties they foresee in attracting, managing, and developing people. Our analysis … [ Read more ]

RAVE™: Integrated Value Management for Customer, Human Supplier and Invested Capital

Many companies have introduced new value-based methods such as the EVA™ or CVA concept for strategic and operational control. However, they are still strongly focused on investment capital. This article presents a new, integrated value management concept (RAVE™) for managing human capital (Workonomics™), customer capital (Custonomics™) and supplier capital (Supplynomics), all in a value-oriented and quantitative way.

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