Instilling a BPM Mind-Set Into IT Practices

A balanced scorecard for information technology and a portfolio management approach to IT projects can help align the function’s performance with corporate objectives.

Does BPM Build Shareholder Value?

CFOs have long suspected a link between a successful BPM initiative and increased profitability. New research connects the dots.

When Less Is More

ABC/M models often fail to meet objectives because they include too much information. Improve your model’s efficiency and sustainability by limiting it to crucial data.

Activity-Based Power App

Using ABM to set future costs can be the most valuable application of your data. The process doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. Some basic forecasting guidelines can increase profitability – without alienating customers.

Clearing the Capacity Cobwebs

Measuring capacity has never been simple. But combining activity-based costing techniques with a model designed to assemble data in a process format can lead to powerful metrics.

10 Cures for Performance Reporting Anxiety

If you spend a lot of time creating reports that nobody seems to value, you may be suffering a case of information overkill. Here are some common performance-reporting pitfalls and simple solutions, such as reducing the size of reports and focusing on the key measures that best support organizational objectives.

Necessary Evil

Traditional budgets are odious to business managers and, worse, can undermine a company’s strategic objectives. Here’s how progressive companies are reengineering budgeting into a value-added process.

The One-Two Performance Punch

Six Sigma and business performance management systems are a dynamic combination. But few companies integrate them successfully.

Fitting the Balanced Scorecard Into BPM

Why would you need the Balanced Scorecard if your BPM system offers a scorecarding capability? Some say it’s necessary to control metrics mania.

Enriched Performance Data

Activity-based management improves business performance management processes by providing insight into costs, but few companies are combining the two disciplines. Here’s why.

Can ABM Outstay Its Welcome?

Creating one valid enterprisewide ABC/M model, developing a database and continuously feeding the model with current data isn’t enough to gain ABC/M’s maximum benefits. Companies also have to get people to accept this cost management strategy.

How BPM Strengthens The Supply Chain

Innovative applications of business performance management software can improve the supply chain by getting reliable information to the right locations quickly.

The Top 10 Consolidation and Reporting Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Buying technology that supports and improves processes, and showing people how to use that technology, should improve consolidation and reporting. Why then do companies keep making the same mistakes?

BPM’s Lifeline for Capital Spending

Business performance management software can guide companies to the most lucrative capital investments. But data integration problems hold up progress.

The Top 10 Traps of Budgeting

Companies keep driving into the same traps in the budgeting process. The fallout can be serious in boom times; in the current economic climate, foibles can take an organization so far off course that it never gets back into the game. Here are the most common traps – from no-brainers to complex pitfalls – and tips for sidestepping them.

IT Measures Evolve

Rising IT budgets call for a scorecard to align resources with business goals. CFOs can help CIOs develop this measurement tool and communicate findings to achieve goals.

Birth of a New Budget Culture

New Web-based applications offer to streamline the budgeting process, but such a change can be painful. In addition to software upgrades, companies must overhaul the corporate culture.

The ABB Edge

Still far from mainstream, activity-based budgeting augments, rather than replacing, existing budgeting processes.

Turning Managers Into Forecasters

Bringing managers into the forecasting process can dramatically improve performance management. But success depends on the quality of your software and on close collaboration between finance and line managers.

The Balanced Scorecard Meets BPM

Should the Balanced Scorecard be a guiding force in business performance management? Some say it’s too much effort — but the results can be stellar.