What Business Schools Really Think When You Ask For A Deferral

For some of you, despite having been admitted to one or more schools, you may not feel sure that are ready to matriculate – at least not to those programs. If this sounds familiar, you might be considering asking for a deferral. Here is insight into what business schools really think when you ask for a deferral.

Should You Apply To Business School In the First Round?

Every year I am asked whether or not it’s strategic to apply to business school in the first round. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is clearly yes.

How Many Schools Should You Apply To?

How many schools should you apply to? The answer will depend on your unique situation and needs, and is a key element in your application strategy. Having a clear idea of how many schools you’re targeting before you start the application process will help you plan ahead and stay organized.

The Top Mistakes Women Make When Applying to Business School

As the former lead diversity recruiter at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Karen Marks interacted with thousands of women who were applying to graduate school.  As the President of North Star Admissions Consulting she has gotten to know even more. In both of these roles, she have seen women make these common errors that severely limit their opportunities.

6 Steps to Assessing Your MBA Admissions Profile

It’s best to start the MBA application process clear-eyed, and that means knowing exactly what makes your profile competitive (and where you may have weaknesses). This honest assessment will enable you to identify the right schools for you to apply to – schools that are a perfect match for your goals, and where your skills and experience make you a great fit.

Bankers, Consultants & Engineers: Six Tips To Stand Out In A Sea of Excellence

Caroline Diarte Edwards (former INSEAD Director of Admissions), Judith Silverman Hodara (former Wharton Director of Admissions) and Cassandra Pittman (former Admissions Officer at LBS and Columbia Business School alumna) offer six tips to stand out when the best isn’t the barometer.

Top Ten: The Most Favorably Reviewed MBA Admission Consultants

Some applicants have horror stories to tell about their consultants, with experiences so bad that they have actually demanded refunds. They’ve been swayed from dream schools, put up with long response times, and even mediocre advice.

Not so with the counselors at the very top of the business. So who are the world’s most favorably reviewed MBA admission counselors. Poets&Quants has been soliciting client reviews on … [ Read more ]

Want To Know Why You Were Really Wait Listed?

Of all the possible admissions decisions, being placed on the wait list is one of the most frustrating. For tips about how to get yourself moved off of the wait list and into the business school of your dreams, please read this post. For insight into why you were wait listed in the first place, please read on.

How to Articulate Your Career Vision in the MBA Application

Developing and articulating a career vision is an essential element of your MBA application. It’s about conveying a clear picture of where you have come from, where you are going, and why an MBA is critical for getting there. B-schools want students who will get the utmost value from their program by achieving great things in the future.

Think of this as a two-fold approach: A … [ Read more ]

Study Claims ‘Alarming’ Bias In MBA Admissions

The admissions processes for elite MBA programs can often be convoluted, vague, and tight-lipped outside of gatekeeper walls. Not surprisingly, a study published last month reveals current processes often lead to bias in admissions.

A WaitLister’s Successful Effort To Get In

JC Chang beat the odds to get himself off the waitlist last year and into Chicago Booth. His highly detailed account of how he did it is both inspirational and instructive.

GRE Acceptance By B-Schools Hits Record High

Business schools that now accept the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT has reached an all-time high percentage, according to Kaplan Test Prep’s 2016 business school admissions officer survey. Some 92% of the schools now accept GRE scores, a huge jump from Kaplan’s 2009 survey — the first year Kaplan asked the question — when only 24% of business schools took GRE scores. But … [ Read more ]

Have You Chosen the Wrong Business School Recommender?

Asking for a recommendation is stressful. You are making yourself vulnerable and possibly learning what people really think of you. The news isn’t always good, but it’s crucial to pay attention to what your potential business school recommender is actually telegraphing. Here are signs that you have chosen the wrong business school recommender, and should ask someone else.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

A regular series by Poets & Quants where prospective MBA candidate profiles are analyzed by admissions expert Sandy Kreisberg for their strengths and weaknesses and likelihood of getting into certain target programs.

Editor’s Note: I watched the video for one of the installments and it was really awful, enough so, honestly, to make me doubt anything Sandy Kreisberg actually says. Still, I will just assume … [ Read more ]

What To Tell Your MBA Recommenders

A friend of mine who graduated from Tuck a few years ago is now writing a business school recommendation for one of his associates. He asked me how to really convey his genuine support for the candidate, which is an excellent question. Here are my suggestions, which may help you figure out what to tell your MBA recommenders.

Compare Reviews for GMAT Prep Courses

ConsumerAffairs lists some of the GMAT test prep course providers, currently including:
– Kaplan Test Prep
– The Princeton Review
– Manhattan Prep
– Veritas Prep
– Sherwood Test Prep
– Next Step Test Preparation
– Testmasters.com
– The Economist GMAT Tutor

Editor’s Note: So-called expert reviews are offered for each, though I personally found them to be little more than condensed marketing material summaries. … [ Read more ]

Assessment: Do You Know What a Strong B-School Application Looks Like?

The competition for top MBA programs is notoriously tough. If you want to get in, you’ll have to present your achievements, skills, and values in a compelling way. Take this brief assessment to see if you know how to impress the admissions committee.

First, read the questions, each one typical of what you’d find on a B-school application. Then choose whether the sample response is weak … [ Read more ]