Ready, Set, B-School

The first part of our series explains the best way for soon-to-be MBA students to prepare for their new life and get their financial house in order.

The Story Behind a B-school Textbook Fortune

How one retired professor made a fortune by co-authoring a textbook that would shape how generations of MBA students learned finance.

MBA Pay: The $3.6 Million Degree

New research into long-term MBA pay suggests you get what you pay for. Top schools like Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford leave the rest of the pack in the dust.

The Joy of an MBA

The MBA has been regarded by many as THE credential to possess to build a successful career. The challenge for MBA graduates is in figuring out what to do with the degree upon completion. “The Joy of an MBA” brings you multiple perspectives on the impact an MBA can have on your career as told by MBA graduates from around the world. This ebook addresses … [ Read more ]

From Startup Dreams to a Cubicle Life

While entrepreneurship students get MBAs with the goal of launching a startup, many make corporate pit stops before they go into business for themselves.

Best B-School Alumni Networks

One of the most valuable assets of a top-ranked business school is its alumni network. It’s a major consideration by applicants in choosing an MBA program, and it’s a significant sign of a school’s true brand strength in the marketplace.

But it’s also something that is hard to measure. There is no available metric that will let you know how often the alumni network at a … [ Read more ]

Meet the MBA road warriors

Would you travel over 14,000 miles every other weekend for an MBA? These hardy souls do it and don’t have too many qualms about the payback either.

How to care for and feed your MBA student

Relationships do survive business school, but it’s important that you know what you and your partner are signing up for if you want to be one of the triumphant ones.

Why Can’t M.B.A. Students Write?

Corporate hiring managers are increasingly complaining that M.B.A. grads have terrible writing skills, and more b-schools are trying to address the problem.

Winning Ideas for the Future of B-Schools

GMAC solicited ideas for transforming management education and got more than 650, including 20 winning entries. Now comes the hard part: implementing them.

For MBAs, Faculty Research Pays Off

About five years ago, Warren Bennis and James O’Toole penned an article for the Harvard Business Review called “How Business Schools Lost Their Way.” It was, in many ways, the shot heard round the world. (I was visiting b-schools in China when it came out and people were talking about it there. The same day.) Their premise: that way too much of what passes for … [ Read more ]

For Business Schools, Culture Matters

To create a different kind of B-school graduate, a dean argues that a key first step is creating a different kind of B-school culture.

Why an MBA May Not Shield You From Racial Bias in Corporate Management

For those who assume that a top B-school education levels quaint notions of racial bias in managerial ranks, think again. Discrimination is alive and well among financial analysts, according to some recent social-science experiments. And if you look at the nature of the experimental set-ups, you could reasonably wonder whether bias against African-American executives exists not only among financial analysts, but in corporate management as … [ Read more ]

No Experience Necessary

More M.B.A. students are going directly from college to business school. But are they ready?

MBA Pay: Top B-Schools, Top Dollar

Exclusive new research shows that grads of top business schools earn far more than lesser-ranked peers, both at graduation and over the long haul.

Why B-Schools Set Up Entrepreneurs To Fail

Business schools need to focus on bootstrapping, not only raising money from VCs.

MBA Admissions Checklist Video

Author Matt Symonds shares tips on how stand out from the pack.

Does an MBA Make You a Better CEO?

Are CEOs with MBAs actually stronger leaders? The answer might depend on the age of the CEO.

Inspired by the raging debate last year over the role of MBAs in the financial crisis, we tried to analyze whether having an MBA influences overall CEO performance. In a large-scale study of CEO performance since they took office, we found that other things equal, MBA CEOs had a … [ Read more ]

The MBA Reality Check

MBA programs are redefining their mission and seeking a new generation of business visionaries. No longer simply about grades or test scores, top schools now look for students with a transformative vision. The MBA Reality Check covers everything from the specifics of the application process to how applicants can position themselves among the crop of tomorrow’s business innovators. Through their work with hundreds of MBA … [ Read more ]

The Common “Criticism-Weakness-Failure” Essay Question

The ‘criticism-weakness-failure’ essay is common in MBA Admissions essays because it is a test of an applicant’s maturity, self-knowledge, honesty, and ability to learn from mistakes. It is, in other words, the biggest indicator of real leadership ability and potential.