Stanford Tops Sustainability Rankings

A new report finds dramatic growth in “business and society” programs in many business schools-driven by student demand.

M.B.A. Students to Run Socially Responsible Fund

Kellie McElhaney of the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley, discusses what may be the first student-managed investment fund to focus on social and environmental responsibility

Are Business Schools Forgetting Their Missions?

Famous M.B.A. programs have lost track of their original mission to produce far-sighted leaders who can help the economy run better, according to a new book by a Harvard Business School associate professor.

Marketing the M.B.A. Degree to Nonbusiness Professionals

Harvard Business School is launching new program that aims to attract and lock in more liberal-arts candidates while they’re undergrads.

Spotlight on MBA Curricula

A report looking at the relevance of MBA programmes suggests that criticisms that the curricula falls short of what today’s global managers need, may be justified.

The report – How relevant is the MBA? Assessing the alignment of MBA curricula and managerial competencies – finds that although essential managerial skills are being taught, there are nevertheless “significant gaps”, specifically in the area of so-called soft skills. … [ Read more ]

Fixing the Flawed MBA

Critics claim MBA degrees lack real-world relevance – and that grads are both arrogant and ill-prepared. So what are B-schools doing about it?

Refresher Courses Help Graduates Get Up to Date

Ron Alsop on post-M.B.A. programs that attempt to lure students back to business school with continuing-education classes on industry trends.

Why Teaching of Ethics Continues To Be Lacking at Business Schools

Business schools have struggled in the post-Enron era to incorporate more content related to ethics and social responsibility in their curricula. Many have added a stand-alone course on corporate responsibility, but some academics consider that insufficient. M.B.A. Track columnist Ron Alsop discussed the challenge recently with Craig Smith, senior fellow in marketing and ethics at London Business School and the academic leader on a project … [ Read more ]

Powerful Profs

As business schools gain visibility, star professors gain influence that extends outside the classroom to boardrooms, the best-seller lists, and beyond.

Schools Create Courses To Fit Employers’ Needs

As executive-education classes become almost commodities schools find it pays to offer companies customized programs on timely topics.

Private Equity Is In a Class of Its Own

M.B.A. programs are offering more private-equity courses and strengthening connections with buyout firms to help students land jobs.

American M.B.As. Flock to Asia To Acquire Overseas Experience

Business schools are catering to a growing number of U.S. students who see the region as crucial to their careers.

One-Minute-Manager Guru On Leadership for M.B.A.s

Strong leadership skills are critical for M.B.A.s aiming to become top corporate managers. For insight on learning to lead, we spoke to Ken Blanchard, co-author with Spencer Johnson of “The One Minute Manager,” and more than 40 other business titles. Many of the principles in this book will be taught as part of a new 12-month executive M.B.A. program at the Ken Blanchard College of … [ Read more ]

Stanford Works to Groom Future Business Leaders

Ron Alsop talks to a new director at the university about the growing emphasis on management in b-school curriculums.

100 Top MBA employers

Think of it as a popularity contest for companies. Each year, research firm Universum surveys MBA candidates on where they’d most like to work. Also lists top cities and biggest paychecks.

B-Schoolers and Nonprofits Form Mutually Beneficial Relationships

An expanding list of schools are connecting M.B.A. students with nonprofit boards and planting the seeds for community service later in their careers.

Duke MBAs Fail Ethics Test

Thirty-four Fuqua School of Business students are accused of violating the school’s honor code by cheating on an exam.

M.B.A. Programs Hone ‘Soft Skills’

Some business schools are devoting more time to topics such as teamwork leadership and communicating.

Getting on the Fast Track to an Executive M.B.A.

Some business schools are switching to shorter, more flexible programs to appeal to busy managers and sponsoring companies that want to minimize time away from the office.

Bschools Apply Lesson From Branding 101

Many schools boast talented marketing professors and send their graduates off to brand powerhouses like Procter & Gamble. Yet most schools have failed to develop a resonant brand image of their own. While schools may well have distinctive cultures and academic strengths, they usually play up their media rankings and use the same buzzwords, such as global and entrepreneurial. Some schools are trying to change … [ Read more ]