For Part-Time MBAs, a Full-Size ROI

The return on investment for part-time MBA programs may be difficult to pin down, but graduates say the benefits are real

Making the Most of Spare Time

Not everyone has a year or two to devote to a full-time MBA program. Here’s the best in part-time MBA, executive MBA, and executive education programs.

Part-Time MBAs: Job Fairs for Us, Too

As more part-time students pay their own way, they’re asking for the same access to recruiters traditionally reserved for full-timers.

Part-Timers’ Pitch for More Perks

With access to on-campus recruiters and job interviews often limited, they’re pushing B-schools to amend their policies

Schools Improve Career Services for Part-time M.B.A. Students

Part-time M.B.A. students sometimes feel like second-class citizens. After all, they see their full-time counterparts participating in enriching extracurricular activities, interacting more with fellow students, alumni and professors, and receiving more extensive career and job-placement services.

But those feelings may be changing, at least in the area of career services. In response to pleas from part-timers — as well as requests from corporate recruiters — … [ Read more ]

Back to School with E-Learning

The New Jersey Institute of Technologies Division of Continuing Education is offering a Graduate Certificate in Business Management Fundamentals. According to the Institute’s Janine Kroner, this 12-credit, Business Management Fundamentals Graduate Certificate was created to offer managers and professionals without any formal training in business necessary core knowledge in finance, marketing, accounting and management information systems. Think of it as a mini MBA.

BusinessWeek Part-Time MBA Comparator

BusinessWeek Online’s Part-Time MBA Comparator lets you find out how part-time MBA programs at B-schools across the world stack up against each other. Here you can make side-by-side comparisons of up to four programs from BusinessWeek Online’s list of more than 240 schools.

BusinessWeek’s Part-Time MBA Search

Which Part-Time MBA Program Is Right for You? Use BusinessWeek Online’s Part-Time MBA Search to find the programs that match your criteria. From the results page, click on school names for part-time MBA profiles, where you’ll find survey data, e-mail addresses for admission, financial aid, and career center directors, and links to school Web sites.

BusinessWeek’s Part-Time MBA Profiles

“This year, we’ve expanded our coverage of part-time MBA programs by reviewing more schools and packing profiles with extra data. Scan these 242 profiles to determine which MBA programs fit your needs and lifestyle. BusinessWeek doesn’t rank part-time MBA programs, but if you study the profiles below, or search for a part-time program that’s in line with your goals, you should be able to find … [ Read more ]

Part-Time Students Are Getting Full-Time Attention

Enrollment is at record highs. And since part-timers are so profitable, schools are going out of their way to attract and keep them.