U.S. News Rankings & Guides

Rates programs with the following criteria: reputation rank by academics, reputation rank by recruiters, avg. undergrad GPA, avg. GMAT score, acceptance rate, avg. starting salary & bonus, percentage of grads employed at graduation & at 3 months after graduation; also provides tuition and fees and enrollment numbers. There are also rankings for specialties such as International, Accounting, Finance, etc.

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Top Ten – The World’s Leading Business Programs

Looks at Top 10 and Top 50 (alphabetical for Top 50) for U.S., Europe, and Asia. Takes four major elements into account: Student and Alumni satisfaction, Academic feedback, International appeal, and Prestige within the Business Community.

BusinessWeek’s Rankings

Breaks out programs in three tiers: first tier is the Top 25 ranked, and the second and third tiers are presented alphabetically. Detailed profiles are given for each program listed.

Computerworld’s Top Techno-MBA Survey

Computerworld surveyed 1,000 campus recruiters to discover 25 schools that did the best job of preparing students to be tomorrow’s technology leaders. They then surveyed 63 schools from the recruiters’ top choices to find out what the schools’ techno-MBA programs consisted of and what their placement rates were for graduates.

Financial Times Interactive Rankings

Click on the Interactive Ranking table and sort by one of the many criteria used (e.g. alumni recommended, value for money, placement success, research rating, international students and faculty, international course content, women faculty, career placement, women students and faculty, etc.). Or click on the ‘FT MBA Survey’ in the related sites section at the bottom for a Top 10 breakdown in 16 categories. … [ Read more ]