Tyler Odean

What most people think of as vision is actually persuasion.

Robert Spector, breAnne O. Reeves

If “vision” embodies the head of your organization, and “mission” personifies the heart, then “values” symbolize the soul.

Travis McAshan

Purpose may point you in the right direction but it’s passion that propels you.

Ken Favaro

Corporate executives often conflate strategy with vision, mission, purpose, plans, or goals. Although these elements may help to focus, inspire, mobilize, and challenge an organization, they are not substitutes for a logical, articulated strategy, and they often lead to helter-skelter corporate development.


Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

Paul B. Thornton

Some people can’t see beyond today. They have no vision. Other people struggle describing their vision. Still others have a simple, clear, and compelling vision but they never take action. Effective leaders:
1. Have an exciting vision
2. Clearly describe their vision
3. And energetically pursue their vision

G.K. Chesterton

Man can always be blind to a thing as long as it is big enough.

Philippe de Woot

Can we define the purpose of business only in terms of economic and technological progress? It is interesting to note that in Western myths all the heroes who are catalysts of material progress are doomed: Prometheus, the entrepreneur; Vulcan, the engineer; Ulysses and Jason, the creators of markets; and even Icarus, the hero of the ill-considered risk and abortive progress.

Ricardo Semler

It’s so easy for people to hide behind a mission statement, to follow the military model—to go there, find, and destroy. Why? That’s not a question to be asked. In the end, a mission statement is reductionist: If this is my mission, then everything else is not. Even more so a credo. When you say, That’s the way we do things around here, that signals … [ Read more ]

Bill Shireman

The old mechanistic Fortune 500 belief [is] that the mission of the company is to maximize profits. That’s backward: We don’t run our businesses to make a profit—we make a profit to run our businesses. Great companies have an overriding sense of vision and purpose, a mission that is enabled by profit. For them, profits are a means, not an end. Companies without a seething … [ Read more ]

John Kotter, Dan Cohen

You need to address anxieties, accept anger, and demonstrate credibility in a very gut-level sense, to evoke faith in the vision.

René Magritte

Everything we see hides something else we want to see.

Jonathan L. S. Byrnes

You can explain your vision. They can see your vision. They can buy into your vision. Then they’ll do what they are paid to do.

David K. Hurst

Great empires are not built by people who see two sides to every question.

Mark Lipton

Visions need to challenge people, evoke a feeling that draws people towards wanting to be a part of something quite special. When a vision is framed as something that is achievable within a set amount of years, then it falls into the terrain of a strategic plan.

Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner

A vision is compelling when it helps people understand what business they’re really in, provides a picture of the desired future, and offers value guidelines that help people make daily decisions.

Japanese Proverb

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Marv Adams

The inability of leaders to see the systems and patterns of interdependency within and surrounding our organizations threatens our future. Many big problems that could be solved are sitting there unsolved because of this failure.

Mark Lipton

A vision is successful when it “speaks” to a wide audience, tells an engaging story that people want to be a part of, challenges people, and creates a sense of urgency. Success occurs when the vision becomes embedded in the daily decisions and actions taken of those you want to lead. A vision is not merely an extended strategic plan or “mission.” When we see … [ Read more ]