Charles Jacobs

Because a story is not an argument, it doesn’t summon up reason in defense. Stories ask only that we entertain them, and when we do, we rehearse the view of the world they embody. If we fnd it more attractive or a better ft with our experience, we adopt it. Because stories are experiences, they address both the intellect and emotions that drive our decision-making.

Sociologists have found that the stories in our culture most effective at mobilizing people in support of a mission are about changing to overcome an obstacle and realizing a better future as a result. When it comes to business, the story we tell should be about people coming together to change their behavior to create the greatest company ever.

While people will quickly pick up on our story and take it as their own, they’ll also pick up on any duplicity or distrust. We are bad liars, but good detectors of lying. We really need to believe the story we tell, so that all of our decisions and actions will be aligned. That’s the only way it will be convincing and drive the behavior we need.

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