One of the most influential figures in the frequency marketing business is Richard Barlow, who founded Colloquy, a publication that lives mainly on the Web but also has occasional print incarnations. A visit to Colloquy will pay off ten-fold. After no-cost registration, you will gain access to one of the world’s best libraries of statistics, case studies and thought leadership on customer retention marketing. Check out the “Program Comparison Matrices,” a section that analyzes the differences among loyalty programs in four categories: department stores; financial services; grocery stores; and hotels. Another attraction of the site is a thriving job board. Naturally, there’s a weekly e-zine option as well. [WDFM Annotation]

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  1. Article was fine but content was crap. These bosses – almost without exception – are just rude and arrogant egotists. It’s depressing that they didn’t have anything more useful to contribute.

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