Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., the largest licenser of text reproduction rights in the world, was formed in 1978 to facilitate compliance with U.S. copyright law. CCC provides licensing systems for the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials in print and electronic formats throughout the world. The company currently manages rights relating to over 1.75 million works and represents more than 9,600 publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors and other creators, directly or through their representatives. Use CCC’s Republication Licensing Service (RLS) to instantly license usage of copyrighted articles over the Web, including delivery of content. By clicking on selected articles and opting for the “Reprints and Permissions” link, customers can obtain instant permission to republish articles for use in newsletters, textbooks, magazines and reports. They can also order formatted reprints. A useful e-commerce solution for digital rights management. The site also contains a useful collection of copyright resources, including a straightforward FAQ.

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