Creating a Fundable Business Plan

The renowned MOOT CORP® Competition opens its archives of award-winning business plans and presentations to create a mini-course for budding entrepreneurs to use in writing their business plans and in finding the resources to launch their businesses. The Creating a Fundable Business Plan website is part of the UTOPIA project, an ambitious new initiative designed to open The University of Texas at Austin’s doors of knowledge, research, and information to the public.

“Our archives now hold twenty years of the best MOOT CORP Competition business plans and digitized presentations, which are used by business schools around the world to teach MBAs to analyze, write and present business plans,” said Gary Cadenhead.

Because business plans are nearly always confidential, students and aspiring entrepreneurs rarely have the opportunity to read and analyze excellent business plans for real ventures. With permission to use these plans for educational purposes, the MOOT CORP Program has integrated carefully selected excerpts from outstanding plans and presentations together to assist entrepreneurs in writing and presenting their business plans to gain the resources needed to launch their ventures.

The website features introductory narration by Dr. Cadenhead, written excerpts from MOOT CORP business plans related to the module topic, an exercise requiring the viewer to analyze the examples presented, advice from experts and excerpts from MOOT CORP presentations.

Editor’s Note: see the related site, which webcasts entertaining and informative content for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, small business owners and students interested in starting new ventures.

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