International Trade Statistics 2003

In today’s global economy, companies are increasingly looking outside national borders for new markets. Answering such questions as “Which Asian country is the largest exporter of commercial services?” or “Is the market growing for agricultural products in Africa?” can be essential for companies thinking of expanding into other parts of the world.

International Trade Statistics 2003 by the World Trade Organization is an authoritative source for answering such questions. ITS is produced by the Organization’s Economic Research and Statistics Division.

The first part of the 232-page report summarizes major trade developments in 2002: global merchandise output and trade volume, development of trade values, trade by region, etc.

The bulk of the report is comprised of some 250 tables and charts depicting trade developments by region and sector. Statistics are provided on trade in merchandise and commercial services for an assessment of world trade flows by country, region, and main product groups or service categories. A number of long-term time series are also included.

The report can be downloaded in its entirety in pdf format. Also, various statistical tables can be viewed with any spreadsheet software (World Trade Organization (WTO)
Subjects: International, Trade

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