Internet Value Chain Economics

The Internet has left its mark on society – from online shopping and banking to YouTube videos and social networking. Beyond these societal trends, how does the economy of the Internet work? How is the industry structured, and which companies are the players? How do companies make money, and what are the prospects for growth?

Standards For IT Governance

ITIL, COBIT, and ISO 17799 provide a blueprint for managing IT services.

Credibility Of Analysts

Do tech vendors wield influence over IT research? You bet–but how much is a matter of perspective.

Simplified Security: 25 Tips to Help Companies Implement Security

This manifesto helps companies of all sizes understand and implement the necessary level of security. The 25 tips cover everything from physical security to SPAM.

Understanding SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More

Describes some very important and very elusive IT concepts including:
– eXtensible markup language (XML)
– Universal description, discovery, and integration (UDDI)
– Web services description language (WDSL)
– Simple object access protocol (SOAP)
– Service oriented architectures (SOA)
– Business Process Management (BPM)
– Business process execution language (BPEL)

When Do Companies Outgrow Their Spreadsheets?

There comes a time at every smaller, growing company when managers perceive a need for more sophisticated software tools than spreadsheet-dependent planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Nicholas Carr: Spend Less on IT

Forget IT innovation and investment. Executives must now rely on risk management and cost control. An excerpt from Nicholas G. Carr’s new book, Does IT Matter?

Technology after the bubble

IT will rise again-but only if the providers learn how to help their customers make money.

Editor’s Note: in addition to discussing the future of the IT industry, the article offers 5 best practices of companies that realized real value from their IT investments.

The Emerging Web Services Market

A new computing paradigm known as web services is quickly gathering momentum in enterprise IT. Web services represent an emerging model for developing and deploying enterprise software applications that promises to fundamentally change not only the way companies build and deploy software, but also how they communicate with their partners and customers.

This increased flexibility emerges because web services will likely change the fundamental cost … [ Read more ]

Brunswick Integrates Code Expertise

SEC is an early adopter of sports-gear maker’s open-source integration engine.

Editor’s Note: a topical story but for those with E-business responsibilities, the open-source program referenced might be worth investigating, so I included it.

Unleashing Killer Architecture: The Shape of Things to Come

Larry Downes, coauthor of Unleashing the Killer App, deconstructs the new-order IT architecture that will connect tomorrow’s information supply chain.

The Correct Recipe for Workflow Automation

How to implement workflow technologies-and keep the work
and workforce humming along.

Management service providers: Ready for prime time?

The MSP Association defines a management service provider (MSP) as “a company that delivers information technology infrastructure management services over a network to multiple customers on a subscription basis.” Before the Internet became a commodity, organizations leased private networks from major communication service providers that managed those networks for a fee. In recent years, many organizations, such as hospitals, universities, and other businesses—small, medium, and … [ Read more ]

Rethinking the IT domain: When PDAs, phones go online

These days, many employees use either a PDA or cell phone for both personal and work-related purposes. This article provides advice on how to bring order, control costs, protect company data, and maintain support with multiple computing devices.

Building Brand Loyalty for IT Services: Lessons from Industry Leaders

Prof. Phil Dover reviews a recent study from ITSMA that identifies the most effective activities for branding IT services today. Read why the research indicates that the most effective activities include creating thought and on-line leadership, internal branding, balancing local and global branding and the impact of demonstrating social responsibility.

Internet services: Who’s smiling now?

Traditional information technology players such as AT&T, IBM, and EDS are moving back into the driver’s seat.

Protect your network with an Intrusion Detection System

According to research by the International Computer Security Association, in 1998, at least one computer attack or break-in occurred every second. Back in the good old days of the Internet, firewalls were an afterthought. But today, they’re basic equipment. The problem is, they’re not enough, according to a January Gartner report titled “Intrusion Detection System (IDS): Perspective.”

“Many organizations believe that since they have firewalls … [ Read more ]

CEO Perspectives: The Catch 22 of IT Cost Management

Article discusses three recent trends in managing IT within companies:
1. A move from isolating IT spending from overall business process costs.
2. Some companies are viewing IT cost management on a different basis than simply controlling the growth in absolute spending.
3. Companies are seeking to dramatically reduce the cycle time before benefits start to be realized.

XML-Like The Air That We Breathe

XML will change the appearance and substance of corporate systems. A big part of the language’s appeal is in being able to meld business processes with application.

If home is where the network is, who pays?

Ever since the Internet entered the popular culture, futurists and technophiles have been telling the world that the new medium would transform homes into information-rich hubs of activity.